Holidays to Sri Lanka with Connaissance de Ceylan

We welcome you to the world of Connaissance De Ceylan, a truly Sri Lankan concept of leisure with a touch of personalization. While we envision becoming the world leader in destination management, our mission lies in catering to the leisure needs of a diverse clientele.

Our journey began over 30 years when we joined the industry bringing in fresh ideas and the unmistakable authenticity of our brand to the market. We speak to the hearts of true travellers; travellers who would like experience a bit more. And it is with this aim that we strive to pursue emerging trends whilst preserving the true essence of holidays to Sri Lanka – it’s rich and long cultural heritage. Today, Connaissance de Ceylan leads the business with a multitude of entities under its wing including Theme Resorts & Spas Pvt Ltd, CDC Events & Travels Pvt Ltd, and CDC Facility Management Pvt. Ltd. Led by a dynamic and committed team of high-profile professionals, we have been successful in harnessing years of industry experience, indomitable skills and unstinted commitment; the formula of our success.

The growth we have shown throughout the decades is a testament to our resilience in times of diverse market situations whilst our efforts have propelled us to achieve targets that were once an uphill task. We’ve teamed-up some of the most reputed travel partners in the world ensuring that what we offer is of the highest quality. While we cater to the needs of global travellers we have also extended our support for the welfare of local communities and the environment alike. The housing projects in Boossa, Katoluwa and Weligama and the coral planting initiative in Passikudah are a testament to the values that bind us together at Connaissance de Ceylan.

Offering unique getaways in corners of the Island that are too good to miss, Connaissance de Ceylan drives its strength from a group of driven staff members who are well versed in multiple languages and take extra effort in making each guest feel truly welcomed.

A slice of paradise we promise you with a combination of warm Sri Lankan hospitality intertwined in the flavours of ancient cultural heritage and a service that is unmatched. Join us as we invite you to be a part of our journey.

Chandra Wickramasinghe
Connaissance De Ceylan