Sri Lanka Ayurveda Retreat Package - 12 Nights

Ayurveda, a five thousand year old method of healing which directly translates to the “science of life” focuses on healing the whole self rather than just the disease. Popular mostly in South Asia, this ancient healthcare system is based solely on herbs and a healthy diet. In Sri Lanka, Ayurveda retreat programmes like ours will ensure that while visiting the island’s iconic destinations, your spiritual well-being will also be taken care of. Prepare to feel completely rejuvenated and relaxed after your holiday with us in this serene tropical island, which includes massages and treatment plans, as well as visiting Sigiriya’s ancient rock fortress, the culturally rich city of Kandy, and the medieval ruins of Polonnaruwa city amongst others.

  • 13 Days
  • 12 Night

Tour Itineraray

Treat your mind, body & soul while on holiday in Sri Lanka!

When you arrive at the tropical island of Sri Lanka, a representative of Connaissance de Ceylan will be waiting to greet and assist in transferring you to Sigiriya. After checking-in to the hotel, you will have your first consultation with an ayurvedic doctor, followed by a full body massage

You will be following the doctor’s treatment plan from your second day onwards. Your evening will consist of a wildlife safari to Minneriya National Park before returning back to the hotel for your treatment at approximately 07:00pm. Minneriya National Park is great for spotting large elephant herds.

Start your day early by visiting the ancient rock fortress in Sigiriya before returning back to the hotel for breakfast. The Sigiriya Rock Fortress was home to King Kashyapa, who converted the rock and its surrounding landscapes into a royal palace and city. Enjoy the stunning views from the summit of this rock fortress. After you get back to the hotel, your cure according to the doctor specified treatment plan would begin around 11:00am.

Your fourth day will consist of visiting the Hiriwadunna Temple for some quiet meditation with a Buddhist monk, followed by breakfast back at the hotel. Your cure according to the doctor’s treatment plan would begin at 11:00am. In the evening, you have the option of visiting the Dambulla Rock Cave Temple before returning to the hotel for an overnight stay.

Pack your bags and get ready for your transfer to Pasikudah, while visiting the ancient city of Polonnaruwa en route. The city of Polonnaruwa holds ancient ruins of Buddhist sculptures and architecture, with the most outstanding being the Gal Vihara temple. Following your arrival at the hotel, you will be treated to a head massage before indulging in an Ayurveda Welcome Dinner at Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa.

Your first Shirodhara day begins after breakfast. Enjoy the rest of the day at the hotel at your own leisure.

Your second Shirodhara day begins after breakfast, followed by the cure as per your doctor’s treatment plan. Prepare for an excursion to Batticaloa before returning to the hotel for the night.

Your third Shirodhara day begins after breakfast and you have the rest of the day to yourself. In the afternoon, you can attend an ayurvedic workshop where you can make your own pinda sveda, ayurvedic oil, etc.

Your fourth Shirodhara day or Nasya day commences after breakfast. Enjoy the rest of the day at your leisure.

The end of the Shirodhara days means that new energy is arising! Have breakfast on the catamaran before starting your treatment plan for the day.

Following a hearty breakfast, you can sit back and enjoy an ayurvedic cooking demonstration with the doctor and restaurant manager. Learn how to cook a typical ayurvedic meal after you leave the island, which will vary depending on the doctor’s recommended food plan.

Following your breakfast treatment, prepare for a late morning check-out and a picnic lunch from the hotel before arriving in Kandy. After you arrive, you will have the rest of the day at your leisure, which will include a cultural performance in the evening.

Your final day in Sri Lanka starts with a visit to the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens, followed by shopping in the city of Kandy! Before being transferred back to the hotel for departure, you will be given a relaxing foot massage and a farewell flower bath.