Volunteer with Elephants Sri Lanka

Volunteer with elephants in Sri Lanka through the Millennium Elephant Foundation (MEF), a safe haven for Sri Lanka’s gentle giants. MEF is located on a lush 15 acre estate, where guests are invited to bathe, feed and ride elephants – in a humane and safe way. MEF was established in 1999 and is supported by Club Concept, the pioneer of elephant rides without the howdah / seat in Sri Lanka. In partnering with MEF, Connaissance de Ceylan aims to promote elephant rides that are more animal-friendly as compared to rides with the howdah, which is known to cause permanent spinal damage to the elephant.

As a volunteer at MEF, you will socialise and interact with the resident elephants, whilst learning about each of their personalities. Volunteers are also requested to offer as much TLC as possible to the elephants as it is crucial for a strong bond to form between man and beast which will essentially make it easier to take care of them.

MEF strives to protect and ensure conservation of elephants all over Sri Lanka, by especially promoting responsible tourism. Volunteers are also given the chance to assist in campaigning and fundraising for the foundation.