The Team

The people that ensure you make the best of memories and enthralling experiences in Sri Lanka!

connaissance-de-ceylan-Chandra Wickramasinghe

Chandra Wickramasinghe

Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Creative genius, Curious Cat, and where the buck stops 

Crazy about: Art, interior design, travel, antiques and the Sri Lankan Cricket team

Philosophy: “I want to be able to take people on an intimate journey, through history, landscapes, beauty and ignite their love and appreciation for all things Sri Lankan”

One Favourite moment: A camping trip to Kalpitiya and more specifically visiting Uchchimony point along rural gravel roads and sand dunes on a 4-wheel drive with the breeze on my face, observing the wild untouched landscapes of Sri Lanka.

Words to live by: “Do something new and do it NOW!”

connaissance-de-ceylan-Chamin Wickramasinghe

Chamin Wickramasinghe

Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Zen master, humble listener, great communicator with an eye for detail

Crazy about: Exploring and finding better ways to live life, playing hide and seek with his young children and watching rugby especially when the All Blacks are on the Tele.

One Favourite moment: Travelling through Japan and seeing how people have adapted to life after the war.

In the name of work:  hosted 145 heads of states at the International Doner Conference organised by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka over 2 days along with 5000 security personnel.

Words to live by: live humbly and true to your principles.

connaissance-de-ceylan-Maxime Wickramasinghe

Maxime Wickramasinghe

Attaché to the Board of Directors

Tri Linguist, Self-made videographer and cloud platform enthusiast, motivated techie,

Crazy about: Hiking, football, Cricket and Mahela Jayewardene’s leadership style, beer lover, and digitizing most aspects of life.

In the name of work: spearheaded the organization of the Sri Lankan National Room styling competition as an intern with more than 50 competitors in association with CHSGA

One Favourite moment: biking around the back roads of Sigiriya and getting caught in the heavy monsoon rain to find myself at the entrance of Sigiriya and climbing the rock fortress with no one but myself.  Using the word surreal would have been an understatement.

Words to live by: “Men who say it cannot be done should not interrupt men doing it “Confucius”

connaissance-de-ceylan-Anushka Perera

Anushka Perera

Director Operations

Walking google maps, big picture person, perseverance is his middle name, Foodie

Loves: Sri Lanka, travelling off the beaten track and trekking unknown places.

Favourite memory: a trip to Jaffna where he was able to unwind and immerse himself in the local culture, enjoyed local fruit, veg, cuisine, the spices, mutton curry and ‘roast pan’,

In the name of work: Malu Malu is a hotel on the east coast in a phase of when the construction of the hotel was being completed. Asked the construction staff to help with putting on a fish lunch BBQ for 500 to 600 guests who were on tour from France.  Anushka said spontaneity surely did help with showing off the authentic hospitality Sri Lanka has to offer.

Words to live by: “Nothing is Impossible”

connaissance-de-ceylan-Roshini Amarasekara

Roshini Amarasekara

Manager - French Market

Efficiency Examplaire, swiftest email responder, mentors of mentors, long standing stalwart

Lover of: Classical Sri Lankan Music, the French language, hanging out with her 3 kids at the poolside, travelling and partaking in heartfelt conversations.

Favourite memory: going on holiday to Ella, Nuwara Eliya and visiting Dunhinda falls with hubby while being preggerz with her number two!!!

In the name of work: was involved with organizing an international cricket festival from hotel bookings to transport to cooking shows for around 600 guests, who were staying in 5 different hotels.  She also helped coordinate different daily activities for different groups over the 7 days.

Words to live by: “train your mind to see the good around you”

connaissance-de-ceylan-Daham Rajasekara

Daham Rajasekara

Manager - English Market

People Whisperer, Methodical maniac and basically your go to guy to get the job done. 

Crazy about: Manchester United. Fan-atic to the point where he tattooed himself (yet to be verified)

In the name of work:  a couple wanted to go around Sri Lanka on a public bus so for the sake of service, he gave up his air-conditioned office to take them around Sri Lanka over two weeks.  Despite the heat and mode of transportation Daham says the people he met on that trip made him a true patriot of Sri Lanka.

Favourite moment: Pasikuda beach on the east coast, watching the sun rise at dawn, with family.

Words to live by: “When the going gets tough I never ask “why me?” I generally say “try me!””

connaissance-de-ceylan-Chathumal Perera

Chathumal Perera

Manager - Other Markets

Master of maintaining composure, unsung hero and consistently precise

Crazy about: Chicken curry, watching cricket, playing cricket, talking about cricket, all things CRICKET including the ‘late cut’ and a Baobab tree in Jaffna

In the name of work: was the CDC representative for a group of 52 people when the Easter Sunday bombings took place and it was down to Chathumal to make the call to either cancel the tuk-tuk challenge or keep going.  With the increased threat in security he had the challenge of ensuring the competition was completed and the largest tourist group was brought to safety.

Favourite moment: “Travelling down the coast with some old friends and despite having a hotel booked we ended up spending the night on the beach from sun set to sun rise, reminiscing, laughing, joking around a fire and appreciating these rare and elusive moments in life”

Words to live by: “keep your calm in the eye of the storm”