Sustainability Commitment

As a pioneer in the Sri Lankan tourism industry we understand our unspoken obligation towards committing to sustainable growth and development within the country’s tourism system. Our overarching sustainable policy is built on the two fundamental pillars of ‘Environmentally Friendly’ and ‘Socially Accountable’ highlighting our formal pledge to the protection, conservation and upliftment of the Triple Bottom line in and out of our company’s boundaries.

Using energy sparingly

– We commit to minimizing environmental impacts in the areas of energy, water and waste within our company
– We continuously monitor and review our internal energy, water and waste usage to unceasingly improve our internal environment management.

Elevating the environment quality

– We contribute to the protection and upliftment of sites with natural/environmental importance through carefully planned projects.
– We strictly prohibit the offering of any tourism activities that harm humans, animals, plants, natural resources and or any activity which are environmentally unacceptable

Contributing to plastic reduction

– We advocate staff members to use glass or reusable plastic water bottles for internal use
– We demotivate internal staff to limit the usage of single use plastic within the company by not brining in small single use plastic water bottles and plastic straws for internal use

Genuine respect for employees

– We ensure equality within the workplace where all our employees have an equal chance and access of necessary resources and opportunities for personal development
– We strictly prohibit any form of discrimination with regards to recruitment, conditions of employment and/or career progression within the company
– We provide employees fair wages that is above the legal minimum wage requirement and medical insurance in lieu with the national law

Sincere devotion to stakeholders

– We ensure not to be involved with any excursion provider that engages in harvesting, displaying, consuming and/or selling wildlife species illegally
– We motivate clients to purchase souvenirs from locals based in small communities to support local economic systems
– We give higher preference towards working with local tour guides and drivers and other related local staff in our business operations
– We prioritize on working with local accommodation providers to ensure that local communities in such areas are benefitted from its operations
– We give prominence to excursion providers from local areas to support and uplift local communities by generating them businesses
– We ensure that all our partners including but not limited to excursion providers and tour guides are paid a living wage that is equal to or above the existing industry standard
– We ensure that local, sustainably certified suppliers are given prominence when choosing suppliers to purchase products for internal office usage
– We follow an uncompromising ‘frown upon’ policy on all suppliers that act in a way that harms its surrounding natural and social environments, leading up to termination of working with such suppliers if needed
– We prioritize on suppliers that incorporate elements of local art, architecture and/or local heritage to their businesses when selecting accommodation options for clients
– We strictly prohibit working with any business entity that employs children below the age of 14 across our entire supply chain

Profound dedication to all customers.

– We uphold customer privacy in its highest pedestal and ensure that it is not compromised at any given instance
– We provide complete and accurate information to our clients on natural surroundings, local culture, risks and precautions related to health and safety matters in the destination prior to the commencement of a tour

Ardent community commitment

– We contribute to the socio-economic development of marginalized communities in rural areas of Sri Lanka through our long-established CSR arm “R.e.V. – Reconstruire et Vivre”.

Our Projects

Our long-standing ethos on socially and environmentally responsible business operations means that our commitment to sustainability spread beyond that of managing our day to day operations in a sustainable manner as personified through several of our signature sustainable projects and initiatives below.


  • Plant a Coral (7)
  • Plant a Coral (6)
  • Plant a Coral (5)
  • Plant a Coral (4)
  • Plant a Coral (3)
  • Plant a Coral (2)
  • Plant a Coral (1)
Connaissance De Ceylan together with its sister company, Theme Resorts and Spas and the Wildlife Research and Conservation Trust (WRCT) launched a Coral Replanting Program on Pasikuda Beach back in 2013. The ‘Plant a Coral Project’ was launched with the intention of creating awareness on conserving coral reefs, biodiversity of the sea and uplifting the livelihood of coastal communities.

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  • Aliya.2018.39 (1)
  • 48373766_2262837707330909_8792410388399390720_n
  • 48084532_2262837680664245_1319960728437784576_n
  • 48364849_2262837740664239_6312824076477923328_n
The company’s paper wastage is recycled and reused using a comprehensive mechanism through the paper recycling factory located in Aliya Resort and Spa (Hotel owned by company’s sister hotel group). The collected paper is recycled through the recycling plant to make drip mats, coasters etc. and distributed throughout the Theme Resorts hotel chain to be used for clients.

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  • IMG-20190411-WA0043
  • IMG-20190411-WA0038
  • IMG-20190411-WA0036
  • IMG-20190411-WA0033
Connaissance De Ceylan organized its second consecutive annual blood donation campaign at its head office premises on April 2019. This event is held every year under the theme ‘Your drop of blood is worth their life’ and this year this noble cause concluded with a massive success with the participation of more than 60 donors.

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  • Rev (8)
  • Rev (7)
  • Rev (6)
  • Rev (5)
  • Rev (4)
  • Rev (3)
  • Rev (2)
  • Rev (1)
“Reconstruire et Vivre” R.E.V (Rebuild & Live) is a Non Profit Organization founded and run by the founders and directors of Connaissance De Ceylan & Theme Resorts & Spa’s. Connaissance & Theme not only contributes in the day to day management of REV but are also one of its primary sponsors and donors. R.e.V conducts & coordinates many socio-economic development projects in various parts of the country including housing projects, preschool projects and learning centre projects for marginalized communities in rural areas.

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Travelife Partner from 2019-2021

Travelife is a three-stage certification program for tour operators and travel agents: (1) Travelife Engaged; (2) Travelife Partner and (3) Travelife Certified. We were awarded the Travelife Partner (stage 2). The Travelife Partner award is a recognition of our commitment to social and environmental sustainability. We are complying with more than 100 criteria related to sustainability management, office operations, working with suppliers and customer communication. We are working towards further improvements aiming to eventually reach the Travelife Certified stage.
  For questions and remarks related to our sustainability / CSR policies please contact our sustainability coordinator at sustainability@connaissance.lk