Welcome to
Connaissance De Ceylan

At Connaissance de Ceylan, we’ve been creating locally flavoured dream holidays around Sri Lanka since 1981.

We believe in embodying sustainable and ethical business practices and aim to work with hotels and experience providers that share similar values; putting people first and sourcing local produce.

We are so passionate about creating ‘genuinely local, dream holidays’ that we’ve even partnered up to create a handful of hotels scattered around the island which are the first of their kind to Sri Lankanise a unique regional experience.

Connaissance de Ceylan was born at a time where there were not many tour operators with a truly Sri Lankan identity. At the time, most of our competitors, were run by large international conglomerates with international staff.  We were one of the first travel companies to be locally owned and operated. We practiced the term “locally sourced” way before it was coined on social media; we invested in training travel designers, local drivers and guides to cater to an international clientele. Our founder, Chandra, is multilingual and his ability to understand evolving travel trends and traveller requirements is the prime reason for our success.

Our goal for the future is humble, it is not to be the biggest Destination Management Company providing generic travel itineraries, but to be the best at creating immersive and authentic experiences.   We pride ourselves in our capacity to take care of the hassle around planning, ensuring that our clients make their dream holidays a reality. If our story and values resonate with you, we personally invite you to contact us, even if it is just to say ‘Ayubowan’!



“We envision to be the most Innovative, Authentic & Sustainable Sri Lankan Experience Provider”


We move on, consistently accomplishing the task of delighting our guests, and partners through our specialty business of travel, tourism, hospitality and events in a sustainable manner thus ensuring that all stakeholders in our business including the people in our country become beneficiaries. In that effort, what we provide is a unique experience combining nature, culture and adventure which would be cherished by everyone whom we host in Sri Lanka.