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Dhane Food offering at the temple


Dhane Food offering at the temple

This is a food offering given to monks by lay people which is often preceded by sacred chants (pirith) to bless you. This outing will allow you to gain some interesting insight on the life of Sri Lankan Buddhist Monks. A “dane” is a food offering given to monks by people and is often preceded by chanting of pirith. “Dane is one of the ways the monks interact with the general population in and out of the temple and it gives an insight of the relationship between monks and people.
It is without doubt the best way to understand their way of life and their relationship with the general population. You do not get to sit and eat with the monks as it is against their ethics to eat with the general population. Monks will have to start eating before noon as their ethics dictate it.

Suitable for children:

Child Friendly. Prams not recommended due to steps.


Approx. 2h (not inclusive of travel time)



What to wear/bring:

Kindly cover your shoulders, knees, take off your shoes and bring a pair of socks as the ground may heat up. Light /White comfortable clothing


Guided visit

Good to know:

Please respect Buddhist customs and do not take pictures with your back to Lord Buddha.

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