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Geoffery Bawa House, No.11


Geoffery Bawa House, No.11

Geoffrey Bawa is an influential award winning Asian architect. One of his homes “house no 11” is a very interesting visit as it is considered an essay in architectural bricolage. The Sri Lankan Architect Geoffrey Bawa is regarded as having been one of the most important and influential Asian architects of the twentieth century. He had a house on 33rd Lane and its considered an essay in architectural bricolage. In 1958 Bawa bought the third in a row of four small houses which lay along a short cul-de-sac at the end of a narrow suburban lane and converted it into a pied-à-terre with living room, bedroom, tiny kitchen and room for a servant. When the fourth bungalow became vacant this was colonized to serve as dining room and second living room. Ten years later the remaining bungalows were acquired and added into the composition and the first in the row was demolished to be replaced by a four-storey tower.

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