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Kandy Dancing School


Kandy Dancing School

Join a dance school to learn, understand and watch the history of sri lankan dance originating from many regions. Enjoy performances to traditional Sri Lankan drums, played by the talented drummers. Sri Lanka has a rich and diverse culture of dance dating back thousands of years. To the untrained eye the dances may seem similar however they all represent a region of the country. Each dance has great historical and cultural significance. Join the dancing school to learn about the history. The students, aged 10 and above, will then perform to traditional Sri Lankan drums, played by the talented drummers. After the performance, join in and learn to dance with the assistance of the talented and experienced dancing masters.

Suitable for children:

Suitable for children- Yes. They will be able to join in the dancing and interact with the children at the class. Infants might be disturbed by the percussion.


Duration- approx. 01h



What to wear/bring:

Attire- Comfortable clothes to dance.


The dancing masters will teach and explain to you the dances and history. If you travel with a guide or chauffer guide they will assist in the explanation.

Good to know:

During the Perehera, we recommend watching the Perehera instead.

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