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Three temple excursion


Three temple excursion

The three Buddhist temples date back to the 14th century AD and are found near Kandy. Best visited together, they all carry distinct features that make them stand out.
Gadaladeniya shows slightly unusual architecture with a dagoba covered by a wooden roof. The temple also houses various stone sculptures including one of Siva, its most prominent. Embekke is famous for its intricately craved wooden pillars, whereas, Lankatilleke is a temple dedicated to Buddhism as well as Hinduism

Suitable for children:

Child Friendly.


Approx. 1.30h (Depends on interest of the client & not inclusive of travel time)



What to wear/bring:

Kindly cover your shoulders, knees, take off your shoes and bring a pair of socks as the ground may heat up.



Good to know:

Visitors need to cover their shoulders and knees. Visitors will also have to take off their shoes, so please bring socks.

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