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Yala National Park -Safari


Yala National Park -Safari

The Yala National Park is situated in the southeastern corner of the island. It is mainly thorny shrub forest, reminiscent of the African bush, which provides the visitors the best bet for seeing leopards, with the highest concentration in the world. Other mamals such as elephants, deer species, wild buffalo, wild boar and monkeys can be found in the park. Other species such as crocodiles, peacocks and if you are lucky, sloth bears, can be found.

Suitable for children:

Recommended for 3 years and above. Car seats will not be provided.


Approx. 03h00 (Depends on interest of the client & not inclusive of travel time)



What to wear/bring:

Light and comfortable clothing, sunglasses, sunscreen and a hat


Guided visit. If unaccompanied by a guide a site guide can be arranged.

Good to know:

Tour done in Jeep

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